Nox ‘disowns’ Mai Gamu?

…friends fear sex addiction

Nox stands naked while concentrating on his phone

Nox disowns Mai Gamu
By Own Correspondent
Musician Enock Guni who appears to be slowly digging his own grave using his nether area has publicly disowned his long standing romantic association with Paidamoyo Zvirikuzhe better known as Mai Gamu.
The two have previously openly declared their relationship on micro blogging site Facebook and the affair has become an open secret in their circles.
Mai Gamu has been a target of Nox’s bitter girlfriends who have reason to believe that she is overprotective of her ‘man’.
However in a shocking summersault last week, Nox’s handlers issued a press statement where Nox disowned Mai Gamu or any other woman declaring himself single.
“In the meantime we reiterate that Enock Guni is not married nor has he proposed marriage to anyone so far formally or otherwise…” read part of the statement.
However, the seemingly vague statement went on to give Nox his ‘sexual liberty’.
“As an adult we fully understand his right to sexual relationships with good advice and responsibility,” the statement further reads.
However events on the ground show that as much as Nox has that ‘right’, he has proved to be ill advised and irresponsible in his sexual relations with multiple women.
In his career, he has been under fire from several women dotted across the globe and the leaking of different nude pictures from different scenarios and sources could prove otherwise.
In one of the pictures he appears lying on the bed on his tummy while partially exposing his private parts while in another he standing while concentrating on his in the right hand and what appears to be a cigarette in the left hand.
His ‘denial’ of Mai Gamu came in the wake of the implication of Mai Gamu as his sexual partner as contained in the messages that accompanied the nude pictures circulated by bitter ex-girlfriends.
One of the messages read: “Mai Gamu concentrate on breastfeeding as we treat your man”.
This message accompanied a nude picture of Nox as he lay on the floor of what appeared to be a hotel room.
Nox is a talented musician but with sex scandals trailing him like a shadow, he is bound to alienate himself from his corporate partners and fans.
Showbiz spoke to some of Nox’s friends who spoke on conditions of anonymity and suggested that he needs rehab before he becomes a nymphomaniac (a person addicted to sex).
“He sings love songs and ladies love him .He has a weakness for sweetness and he needs counselling. He is a good guy and I think he is a victim in this case,” said a friend.
Rapper and comedian Noble Styles came to Nox’ defence and stated that the ‘bad guys’ were the ones who leaked the nude pictures of a “defenseless and unconscious’ man who was sleeping and had no power to stop them from capturing the kodak moments.
It seems romantic music writers are affected by the attention they get from women.
In the United States superstar Eric Benet had to go to rehab for sex addiction and his wife Halle Berry had to suggest therapy.
Meanwhile, Nox is riding high with his single titled Kudanana Newe -an Ice and Roses production.

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