Moyana strikes gold in Jozi

…singer working on new album

Jacob Moyana pic New Zimbabwe.com

Moyana strikes gold in Jozi

By Munashe Rungano

Controversial lyricist Jacob Moyana has found his footing again by bagging a three month contract with the Boksburg Ekhurleni Hotel among a host of other shows he has lined up across South Africa.

The sungura artiste had seemed, before the recent developments, to be experiencing a dry patch going into wilderness.

Reports also said at one time hit hard times and some suggesting he had tried a hand at prophecy.

However shedding light on his move down south; the Munotidako singer said Harare had become unbearable for him as the shows were no longer paying enough to sustain him and his band.

Also coupled by the fact that he had to frequently trot between the capital city and Beitbridge his hometown business; was just not viable anymore.

“Having exhausted all options with no yield back home when this breakthrough opportunity came along we seized it without casting any doubt obviously for the financial part of it and mostly also growing in the musical spheres reaching out to our fans down here who had never seen us perform live,” said Moyana.

Flanked by his wife Emma Mbewe, who also doubles as the manager across the Limpopo, Moyana said they had sealed a deal with Boksburg Hotel which will see him performing as their resident musician.

The contract which will run up until December will see him perform with many visiting artistes weekly among them Dendera crooner Tryson Chimbetu and sungura virtuoso Alick Macheso to mention just a few.

“Staging joint shows with such big guns in music back home is not easy as promoters have their own preferences when it comes to supporting acts hence we ended up out in the cold. It’s a double joy for us as now we are able to market and showcase our music at a larger platform which also rewards better financially,” he said

Moyana who is staying with his full band at the Hotel as part of the contractual agreement said the timing was also perfect as we are nearing the festivities which he said is the peak of the industry as merry makers are in free spending mode.

“As of now our main objective is to fulfill the contract to the best of our ability and leave a mark down here. We do have shows back home towards Christmas but honestly it’s much better here in SA,” he said.

“The sweet part of our contract is that it does not bind us to perform at the Hotel only but gives us room to engage others who might want our services, as we speak we have a number of shows lined up throughout Mzansi and hoping to get a few more coming our way before we return back home.

On releasing a new album Moyana said he was also taking the SA tour to get into the studio and work with different producers to try add a new feel to his sound.

“I am in and out of the studio during weekdays as I am working on a new project the standards are up here so we adjusting to suit and hopefully come up with a well-polished album”

Pressed on to revealing the album title and if it was a ‘clean’ album Moyana- who is famed for his naughty lyrics- said that was up to God as he is yet to come up with a befitting title

“What l can put a stamp on is that it’s going to be an eight track album touching on various issues which affect humanity. I am now hesitant to reveal to the media my upcoming projects in detail as my last attempt Pamhatakaterera fell prey to copycats,” he said

Moyana made a name for himself with the track Munotidako although it was brushed aside by music critics as an attention seeking gimmick. His catchy but seemingly dirty lyrics managed put him on the map and affording him an opportunity to share stage with names like Jah Prayzah, Alick Macheso and Sulumani Chimbetu. At one moment he had to move to the sunshine city to cope with show demands such was his star shining at the time.

However after his second album things started to fall apart for him as he got starved of live shows. At one time it was reported that big name artistes were shunning performing with him in protection of their reputation because of his controversial lyrics.

This was despite the fact that apart from the crude lyrics; his sound and rhythm compositions were by far the best new sound the sungura genre has seen in over a decade.

Yet it remains to be see if he will continue perverting the great sound that he produces.

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