Ammara Brown abused

…pictures, video extracted from porn site

Ammara will be one of the headlining acts

Ammara abused

By Showbiz Writer

The pictures and videos purported to be of Ammara Brown are in fact an act of pervasion as they were extracted from a pornographic site, Showbiz has learnt.

Social media Monday went ablaze with grainy pictures of an Ammara look alike having sex with an unidentified man.

While the identity of the man has not been the primary concern of any Zimbabwean; anyone who could have been at the verge of a heartbreak can forget about seeing their surgeon unless it’s for other reasons.

It is NOT Ammara Brown.

The clean slate remains.

Showbiz has since last night been receiving brickbats from concerned and to some extent incensed artistes and friends who had seen the video that later circulated Monday evening.

In the 20min 46sec video, the two ‘porn stars’ appear in different sex positions but their faces remain unclear.

It has to take persistent prying by pervets next door to come up with the site from which the video and pictures were extracted.

Don’t worry, we will not be giving you the site here.

Neither are we giving you the video; try the pervet next door.

Manager Tsungie Zvobgo refused to comment and said our story had done damage on Ammara’s reputation.

“You act like that still doesn’t do any damage wangu…But not does. It’s an extra nonsense article out there that slings more mud at Ammara,” she said.

Stunner said: “Munondipa kuti ndidii? I’m not interested in rubbish, u can clearly see it’s not her so why publish that? Musauraya maheroes enyu amana. (Don’t kill your heroes.)”

While our article did never concluded it was Ammara, our fears were if it was here, given that her manager had not responded, then just like any other progressive of Zimbabwean we would be heartbroken.

We sympathise with Ammara Brown for the damaging pornographic images circulating with her name and hope that whoever it is, Musvorologist is caught and nailed.

Ammara Brown in sex-tape?

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