Ammara Brown in sex-tape?

…nudes circulating with singer’s name

One of the pictures circulating on social media

Ammara Brown in sex-tape?

By Showbiz Writer

Zimbabwe could be witnessing yet another attempt at making a big go onto the international scene if nudes circulating on social media are anything to go by.

Well yes there are fresh nudes doing rounds and this time it seems to be Ammara Brown.

You read right! Ammara Brown; at least according to the pictures.

The three pictures that look like video extracts are from a sex romp where the two actors appear in different positions dishing out ‘mukoko’.

While none of the three pictures shows any of the actors’ privates clearly save for the lady’s nipples, social media was on Monday abuzz with varied comments regarding the pictures.

The caption: “Musvorologist Ammara Brown” also leaves most convinced it is her.

Although neither Ammara nor her manager Tsungie Zvobgo had by last night confirmed if she was indeed one of the protagonists, the pictures seem to do much of the talking.

Ammara has so far maintained a rather clean slate and a sex tape would be one major attempt to dart from that position.

If it indeed is her, the quickest assumption would be making global headlines which sex grab with ease.

Zimbabwe previously witnessed rapper Stunner and Pokello Nare’s sex tape which is commonly believed to be Pokello’s breakthrough into Zimbabwean media and subsequently Africa.

Though none of the parties did confirm the sex tape was scripted to get attention, it appeared Pokello pulled a Ray-Jay on Stunner who already was a celebrity while she remained just a socialite that passed without notice.

This was the typical case with Ray-Jay and Kim Kardashian who despite her riches at the time of the sex tape, she was just another rich lass.

Ammara may not pass as a rich girl but she has a huge career ahead of her just in need of more exposure for her immense talent.

It remains to be seen how the moment of madness will benefit her (if she is the one in the pictures) after it backfired for Tinopona Katsande who got fired from her ZiFM job and subsequently fell out of the limelight after her sex tape leaked.

For Ammara however, if indeed it is her, then it is an unnecessary effort at attention when her voice and beauty can get her even better attention.

It is a public secrete that she is one of the best female singers in the country at the moment with both her voice and beauty destined to catapult her to the top.

She has featured on ExQ’s video for the track Bhachura and resurrected it from the graveyard where it was destined and earned Tytan a name just by featuring on his track and does not really need a sex tape.

The assumption at this juncture; is it is not Ammara Brown. She may have a reason to have sex-with anyone she agrees to do so with; but not on camera.

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