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Progress Chipfumo speaks on New Album

by simbarashe macheso

Progress Chipfumo
Progress Chipfumo

Progress ‘Proggy’ Chipfumo will showcase his musical prowess tonight on the launch of his 6th album titled, ‘Progress Check’ at Jazz 24/7, in Harare.

Blessed with creativity coupled with good vocals, Proggy is surely on the verge offering a solid if his confidence is anything to go by.

In an interview with Showbiz, the artist could not even pick out a particular song as the best on the 10 track album.

However, he was only able to share the core theme of the new project.

“The songs are laden with social messages as I was trying to shed light on some of the things that I have witnessed in the past and also things that are currently happening in our society for example, domestic violence”, explained Proggy.

The launch will also be illuminated by a star studded ‘back up’ of established artists in the mould of ‘Sungura king’ Alick Macheso, Sulumani Chimbetu and Peter Moyo.

The artist promises to present a product that will make people recognise his talent and hopefully get music lovers and promoters to rate him accordingly.

Proggy, expressed how he is humbled and grateful for the support he has been getting from fans.

“I just want to say thanks to my fans for being there for me always.

“If it was not for them (fans) l would not have reached this far”, he said.

Over his career, Proggy has worked with various artists such as Jah Prayzah, Leonard Zhakata, Baba Harare and many more to mention, but just a few.


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