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Busy Signal applauds Zimbabweans; says Gvt must support music industry

By Simbarashe Macheso

Busy signal addressing journalists in Harare yesterday


Busy Signal

“I believe in the Bible and I believe in a movement, the Bible says music alone shall live,” said Busy Signal at a press conference at Rainbow Towers, Harare on Tuesday.

Addressing journalists during a press conference at Rainbow Towers, Busy Signal hailed Zimbabweans for their love and support.

“Zimbabwe is really outstanding in terms of how I am treated here, I really feel at home. Sometimes I fail to find the right words to explain. I have been to different countries and I haven’t received that type of welcome. Zimbabweans are the best,” said Busy Signal.

The Missing You hit-maker promised fireworks this weekend.

“It’s going to be a great time, I always do the best for my fans and I try to maintain that standard everywhere I go. It’s going to be electrifying lyrically, physically, Busycally,” he said.

He Added: “Music is the one and only thing that unites people, not sports or other activities because it crosses boundaries and people who love my music, I would like to say keep on loving it and I’m so honoured.”

Meanwhile, Busy Signal has urged the government to support music and take it as a national asset.

“The government has to take music as a national asset and must uplift music and take it seriously. Every government should know that music has got no language barrier and it promotes local culture.”

Other local artists, including Kinnah who attended the press conference said it is a great opportunity for them to perform along with big international acts.

“It’s a great opportunity when we get a chance to link up with artists like Busy and this is big for us,” Said Kinnah.

Busy Signal already in Zim