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What the Hewu!!!!

Showbiz Wow

On Thursday I passed through this jazz joint in Harare CBD and I was shocked to see what looked like red and black curtains right at the entrance.

My first thoughts were that it must some kind of a shrine until I noticed some whisky bottles displayed on a table adorned with some clothes with the same colors facing the entrance.

Oh dear if it’s a marketing strategy or what the church ladies call ‘deco’ I will pass, drinking at the comfort of my own home will be best.

The interior looked the same, all the bar stools were wearing suits, I asked one guy what he thought of all this and his response was, “yes so long as i’m drinking beer.”

The stage had red and black drappings wow which unfortunately could not cover the rest of the bar which already has decorated blue walls just above the glass.

Well maybe that’s the future club look

Decorated stage

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