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Like it were in Zambia when Chipolopolo won the African Cup of Nations in 2012 for the first time ever in Gabon, resulting in sex workers offering their services for free to the public, so was the case in Harare on November 18 which many have dubbed “Independence Day”.

A cloud of euphoria gripped the city of Harare as droves of people, black and white, yellow and orange, thronged the CBD to participate in the highly successful solidarity march in support of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces in removing President Robert Mugabe from office.

However, whilst there was a lot of excitement as people sung and danced to the sounds of Jah Prayzah in the streets of Harare, we noticed that there was another peculiar activity that was happening particularly in the Avenues area.

Sex workers were offering their services for free to the public.

When we arrived at flats near Five Avenue shops after wriggling amongst the hordes of people, we saw men queuing at the residents of some of the ladies offering the free services – some impatient clients demanded that they be serviced all at one.

As we left the flats trying to digest what we had seen, and made our way into town, we passed through Seventh and Kwame Nkrumah and it was the same order.

However, we got the shock of our lives as we bumped into an even more elated group of hookers who were offering their services freely at Avery Bar situated at the corner of Sixth Street and Nelson Mandela.

The heavily drunk ladies were actually demanding that the interested men have sex with them in their cars as they wanted to jump back in the bar and party.

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